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Jeff became the bass guitarist for Southern Fury in 2019 and assumed the role of bandleader as well.  Jeff was asked by Southern Fury original member DJ Fernandez to formulate a band to record an upcoming album.  Jeff used his contacts in the Nashville music scene and brought in popular A-List musicians Ron Miller on lead guitar and Kurt Olson on drums.

Now that the band was together, an album project began. Jeff wrote the charts for the album and many long sessions in the band's own state-of-the-art studio yielded the album Brand New Boots, a 12 song LP of all-original music encompassing not only southern rock style music but also blues rock, hard rock, Americana, bluegrass, and new country. 

"Southern Fury has a very unique sound.  It's one of the many reasons I joined this band.  We can't be pigeon-holed solely as a southern rock band; some songs are hard rock songs with straight-ahead, four-on-the-floor rhythm patterns, some are Americana-style songs, and some are foot-stomping, good old southern rock tunes.  The one similarity is that all of the songs have great stories in the lyrics."

Brand New Boots  was digitally remixed and remastered and scheduled for release in December of 2021.   "You won't believe how good this music is and how amazing it sounds." 


To check out the Brand New Boots V2 album, click on the album cover below!

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