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It's Time to Laugh!

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For years, Jeff "Snowman" Fleury has loved to have a good time.  To Jeff, part of having a good time is making sure that people are laughing, even if it is at his own expense. "Nothing wrong with a little self-deprication every now and then" is part of Jeff's credo.   Having survived multiple health ailments, Jeff also believes that laughter is truly the best medicine.   "Whenever I get bummed out or I get sick, I put on some of my favorite comedians and simply listen. I close my eyes, I relax, and I laugh.  I feel better emotionally, and that's the first step in the right direction."  

Jeff was at a Halloween party this past October and while he was in rare form (his lovely wife Carolyn will attest...), one of the party goers told him, "man, you need to do stand up!"  Jeff was frustrated with the entertainment business as a whole, since it is designed for labels, agents, and promoters to make money, but not the artist who actually creates the product.  Jeff recalled listening to old comedy records, and combined with his love of animated humor, he came up with an idea - produce a stand up comedy show that someone can listen to while at work (using headphones of course) and at lunch time, watch animation.  That idea led to the birth of Jeff's one hour presentation of "Live at Port Au Potty."

"It was one of my outside the box ideas," Jeff said.  "I pictured a guy sitting at his computer in his cubicle having a crappy day at the office and thought to myself, 'how can I help this guy get through his day?'  I figured most people get at least a half an hour for lunch, so I'd create a program he could run on his computer in the background and listen, and then when his lunch break arrived, he could watch the animated part."  Jeff created his special and formulated his marketing plan. "Why should there be all these middlemen that profit from an artist and the listener's wallets?  Agents, record labels, production companies...That's not right and I'm tired of it." Jeff redesigned his website and decided not only to remove the usual suspect middlemen, but make the video affordable for anyone.  "I want this to cost less than that cubicle guy's lunch, but my daughter is getting married next summer, so I do need to make a few bucks to give her the wedding of her dreams." All of this ideology led to the creation of Jeff "Snowman" Fleury:  Live at Port Au Potty."


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