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JEFF FLEURY's background experience in public service and music provides the perfect platform for providing security both at home and on the road.  After graduating from Norwich University where he majored in Criminal Justice and played football, he was hired by the Hanover, NH Police Department.  During his 20+ year career, Jeff successfully navigated the Ivy League town waters gaining the respect of both colleagues and citizens, due mostly to his much lauded interpersonal communication skills.  When asked what his secret was for dealing with people successfully, Jeff said "Be respectful and polite, and say it with a smile.  You get more flies with sugar than you do with salt.  You need to know how to read people and to talk to people." 

During his law enforcement career, Jeff was fortunate to provide security to high visibility people.  President Bill Clinton, Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Chris Christie, NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr, and PGA golf legend Jack Nicklaus are only some of the notable people Jeff has been assigned to provide security for over the years.

Just prior to retiring from police work, Jeff was honored with a life saving award for his quick actions responding to a bicicylist that had suffered a massive heart attack in a neighboring town.  Jeff's prompt response and use of an Automatic External Defibrilator and CPR saved the man's life with no lasting negative effects of the incident.  When Jeff was asked about the incident, he said "It's nice to be in the right place at the right time and have good people around you to help get the job done."  At his retirement ceremony, Hanover Police Chief Charlie Dennis spoke about Jeff and said "Jeff gets the job done and done very well.  It's that simple."


After his retirement from police work, Jeff was hired by the State of New Hampshire Administrative Office of the Courts as a Court Security Officer and was the agency instructor for Detection of Drug Impairment In The Courts due to his 13 years as an internationally certified Drug Recognition Expert Instructor.  "Drugs that impair produce observable signs and symptoms and being able to identify those signs and symptoms assists you with developing, implementing and executing the most effective strategy for dealing with the person and the situation at hand" Jeff said. 

Jeff said that he hopes to work large tours with big music artists and bands.  "I know music and I know how to keep people safe.  It's the perfect match.  I'd like to be a dual resource; keep the band and staff safe and help out with any music questions as needed.  I love the team atmosphere, and my size doesn't hurt either," Jeff said with a laugh.  Jeff is currently working with the armed police security unit at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in downtown Nashville specializing in VIP security, having provided personal security for artists such as Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, Miley Cyrus, Clare Dunn and professional athletes such as Charles Barkley, Jeremy Roenick, the NHL's Nashville Predators and the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

Jeff is LEOSA certified so he is able to carry concealed weapons nationally.

To download and view Jeff's law enforcement resume, click here.

Hanover Police Chief Charlie Dennis honors Master Patrol Officer Jeff Fleury on September 11, 2015 with a lifesaving award for his actions during a medical call in Lebanon, NH.  MPO Fleury responded to a medical call on NH Route 120 and upon arrival, administered a shock via an AED, continued CPR and saved a man's life.

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